What is Kindilly Kindilly makes it easy and convenient to be kind to others! Kindilly is inspiring people everywhere to do at least one kind act daily to make the world a kinder place! Join us!
  • Kindilly Thoughts

    Spread kindness to your friends, family or colleagues by sending them kind acts to let them know you are thinking of them! With a Kindilly card, quote or video, you can brighten someone’s entire day!

  • Kindilly Acts

    Want to share a donut with a friend? Or buy a colleague a cup of coffee? Find many options to thank, cheer and reward people you care about!

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  • Kindilly Donations

    Kindilly believes that every small act makes a difference. Our unique micro-donations system allows everyone from children to adults to give back to their community. No amount is too small. Donating as little as 1 Kindilly dollar can make a difference in multiple ways. Send a donation to our partnering charities through Kindilly on your own or in honour of another Kindilly member.

Kindilly is for Everyone

Kindilly is more than just a platform—it's a space for everyone to embrace and share the power of kindness. Whether you're an individual seeking to make a positive impact, a family uniting in acts of compassion, or coworkers building a supportive workplace culture, Kindilly is your inclusive hub for spreading warmth. From daily acts of kindness to fostering a more connected community, our platform is designed to empower individuals, families (including children), and coworkers to join the movement of creating a kinder, more compassionate world together.

Join Kindilly


  • Send & receive daily acts of kindness
  • Earn Kindilly Thoughts through interactive games
  • Engage in Kind Acts and give back to your community
  • Earn Kindilly status & gain rewards
  • Follow your Kindilly status on your personalized dashboard


  • Add dependent(s) under your personal account
  • Send dependents allowance for Kindilly Acts and Donations
  • Manage dependent account's settings
  • Approve your dependents contacts
  • Involve the whole family in Kindilly


  • Enhance employee experience through Kindilly Thoughts, Acts & Donations
  • Focus on employee well-being by building a kind & supportive work culture
  • Redefine remote work employee connection
  • Enlarge diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace
  • View business dashboard with insights into employees kindness
  • Front line staff acknowledgement
  • Agile HR

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